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Rocking a lapel flower on Valentine’s Day is ILL

I want to extend a MAJOR happy Valentine’s Day to ALL the BEAUTIFUL ladies in the world!  I’m listening to Young Money’s Every Girl record ALL  Day for y’all. And instead of giving a flower to every lovely lady I see on these New York City streets I’m rocking a single flower lapel on my jacket.  One beautiful flower for all of y’all.  Romantic right? Yeaahhh, I’m all about romance.   So I’m romancing many many honies with a crispy flower lapel. 

This is a win, win, win, strategy my ninja.  You will look extra crispy, you will let many, many honies know you pay attention to the details, AND you will give a honie what she wants.  Flowers B. Flowers! 

And to throw some icing on this cake of seduction lapel flowers are MAD affordable.   TheKnottery.com sells felt flower lapels for $8.00 and Hook + Albert sells a larger alternative for $26.00.  No need to keep this in water either, they will last you for many future Valentine’s Days.  I don’t know how fake feels so I just got to keep it real. I just wanna love every girl in the world, every model, every singer, every actress, every diva, every high seditty chick, every college girl, every skeezer, Stripper and every desperate housewife that resemble Eva.

The Pusha T Drake Diss Record and Madras Sport Coat are ILL

Son I was peeping the visuals for Pusha T’s Exodus 23:1 record which is an alleged Drake diss record.  This record is a mad ill, hard hip hop record with an equally ill video.  What’s also ILL is the dope madras blazer dude at the beginning of the video (9 sec mark) is rocking, which looks just like the ill Ralph Lauren Rugby Patchwork Newbury Jacket in the pic above. 

A madras jacket my dude is a stand out piece to your summer wardrobe, that definately takes some gulliness to rock.  Cats are gonna notice you in this and EVEN MORE IMPORTANT is the ladies will notice you in this jacket.  When you rock this jacket be bold my dude, and be confident.  Step out with the “I don’t give a F***  swagger”, and you will be looking MAD CRISPY B.

For an equally dope and less expensive alternative Lands’ End Canvas has a madras blazer too.  Pick one, throw it on for a summer day-time event and walk tough my ninja.  Just make sure you’re not walking with cats looking like Pusha T’s entourage in this video.  The only beef grown should men have is the sirloin at Ruth’s Chris