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New York City Street Ball is ILL

W. 4th went beast mode on Dyckman at the Nike Rivington Court

Break-away clothes are ILL

I’m predicting Thom Browne will be introducing break-away suits for his Fall 2013 line

Balling In Brooklyn is ILL

Straight Larry Birding cats out in Brooklyn.  Stalley what’s up moe.

Nike Rivington Court Summer League is ILL

Brothas going hard in the paint in the Lower East Side, Manhattan NYC

Theophilus London’s Swag is ILL

Dude rocked Central Park’s Summer Stage in Manhattan today and homeboy was looking mad fly!  That brotha rolled up on stage wearing an outfit you see cats sporting in South Sudan.  What made the outfit mad dope is that it was an ILL look to rock on a butt stanky hot Saturday afternoon, and he put that NYC swag on it by pairing it with a denim jacket AND a pair of Jordan 11’s.

Air Jordan XI

Theophilus London wearing Air Jordan 11

Brotha was representing Brooklyn lovely today with some red roses spreading love the Brooklyn Way!

Theophilus London Summer Stage

Lower East Side Vandals are ILL

Welcome to the L.E.S Nike Basketball!

Location:Nike Rivington Court, Manhattan, NYC

Looking weekend fly in the summertime is ILL

I know what you are thinking son.  You’re thinking “it’s hot out AND I’ve been working all dam week.  I don’t give a cot picking dam, on some George Clinton might cry two tears in a bucket f**** it about what I wear this weekend.” And I hear you B.  You want to be chillin like a villain, but even villains care about their appearance. If you know what to wear and when you will always look ILL and looking ILL is a good look for you my dude.  Looking ILL lets cats know you care about your look, and that lets cats know that you care about your self, and that lets cats know that you respect your self.  Respecting your self is a good look son.  If you don’t respect yourself than you better watch out you don’t wreck yourself because not looking ILL can be bad for yourself

My fam Kenny and D respect themselves.  They were on some Sunday afternoon summer time fly swag when I rolled up on these cats.  No matter where they go they stay fly.  And cats notice, and when cats notice the ladies notice.  And honies noticing is a good look for you my ninja!  On the real my ninja whether it’s Monday morning, Wednesday Evening, or Sunday afternoon make sure you check yourself before you wreck yourself!

Nike Summer Basketball on Rivington St in the L.E.S, Manhattan NY is ILL

Nike + Rivington Court

The Cage at West 4th St, Manhattan, NYC is ILL