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The Barneys Warehouse Sale is ILL

It’s on my ninja!  Are you ready?  Ready for what you ask.  Ready to dig son! That’s right my G. Dig!  That’s what you do at this wonderful time of year.  You dig. You step up in the Barneys Warehouse sale and dig for deals!  Deals on the ILLEST brands at even ILLER prices.  And this is not for the posers, the lames, the bamas, and the amateurs either.  This is for THE REAL HEADS.  The dudes that are SERIOUS with their style.  Cats that know how to stunt, and take pride in it.

This is for cats that don’t look at clothes shopping as another errand.  You ain’t buying a carton of milk B.  You are buying confidence, swag, and power.  So take pride in this mission.  Prepare for this mission!  Boxer shorts, and not briefs to try on pants in front of everyone.  There ain’t no dressing rooms in a warehouse.  Dressing rooms are for sissies!  Real men don’t need a dressing room.

I will for dam sure be going hard because I am not playing.  Dudes better not give a funny look or prevent me from digging in that tie bin for some heavily discounted Alexander Olch ties. I’m on a budget out here and I MUST BALL. I ain’t stopping for a meal that’s for amateurs, on an excursion longer than an MC Hammer tour!

The Ralph Lauren Rugby Tartan Tuxedo Jacket is ILL
Cop this crispy jacket at an EVEN crispier price while you can My G.

The Ralph Lauren Rugby Tartan Tuxedo Jacket is ILL

Cop this crispy jacket at an EVEN crispier price while you can My G.

Family is ILL

Family B.  Family!  That’s what it’s all about son.  What we do in life we do for our loved ones my G.  What we learn in life we learn from our moms and pops.  Moms and pops create us, and they make us.  And on this fortuitous and historic day of the 2nd Inauguration of America’s first black president and day of celebration of the late great Dr. King I’m celebrating family.  Whether single parent, double parent, triple parent or no parent FAM FIRST B.

Today is Family day for me, and the flyest  family I know is my dude Kai’s family. Thanks to Kai’s pops he has been stuntin on cats since before he even touched down on Planet Earth.  Kai’s dad has been putting in the “ool” in cool since Barry White has been singing Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Babe.  And I’m proud to say he has showed me how to stunt on Bamas on some “It Takes A Village To Raise A Child” swag.  So when I recently saw these two dope brothas I had to cop some pics to showcase their dope steez. 



Each one teach one in order to reach some my dude.  And as I celebrate and reflect on this historic day I’m honoring all the dope role models in America that give the seeds someone to look up too.  Stay Crispy B.

Grown Man Steez is ILL

Time waits for no man B.  The sun don’t chill and time don’t stand still.  Brothas that want success in life have to grow up sometime.  And a large part of growing up is your look my ninja. If you are living that adult life, don’t have a career in entertainment, and are copping your style out of The Source or XXL, then tisk, tisk son!  Grown men wear grown men clothes on some GROWN MAN STEEZ.  Not swag BUT STEEZ.  Swag is for little boys, STEEZ is for grown-ass men!  Like my main man 50 grand BetLo aka Hell’s Kitchen’s Finest aka Mr. Midtown West.  This brotha went from rocking the leather Pelle Pelle bomber jackets and dancing in the background of Grand Puba videos

to some serious GROWN MAN Ralph Lauren Corduroy Blazer steez.  The brotha grew up, and so did his style. Amen son! 

Peep it B.

Young Cat Swag


Grown Man Steez


If you are serious about your success and advancing yourself in this world then start with your appearance my ninja, and the rest will follow.  You Know My Steez!

Burlington Coat Factory is ILL

Real Talk if y’all pay attention to the science I’m dropping out here there is no reason you can’t look fresh, dressed, and ready to impress.

Check it out y’all

J.Crew Ludlow suit jacket and pants in Prince of Wales Check Italian Wool


Banana Republic BR Monogram suit jacket and pants in Prince of Wales Check Italian Wool


Ralph Lauren suit jacket and pants in Prince of Wales Check Italian Wool I personally bought at Burlington Coat Factory

$150.00 son!!!!!

$140.00 tailored at Laura & Melinda in THE LOWER!

= $290.00

I’m out here in the streets hustling, doing work, so y’all can ball on a budget and book fine honies!

I’m no Rakim, but I am a leader and you should be following my ass!

The Alexander Olch Store on Delancey St in THE LOWER is ILL

TheKnottery.com The Verdict tie is ILL

Ever worn a tie my ninja?  I sincerely hope at some point in your life you have, and you even wear them on the regular now.  Grown-ass men wear ties, and I know I’m for dam sure a grown-ass man.  Not only am I a grown-ass man, I’m a TRILL grown-ass man.  And a trill grown-ass refined urban gentleman too. Tie with a suit or if you are a REAL man a tie without a suit.  A real man has the cojones to rock a tie when he doesn’t have to but wants to because he considers himself a trill ass dude, and he is hard body enough to stunt on ninjas like its a sport. 

I’ve been stuntin on ninjas since 93 B.  And I was stuntin on bamas with some timbs, and fatigues.  Now I stunt on the lames with a crispy-ass tie like my main man 50 grand reppin Tokyo YO, Jay!  I’ve not seen this brotha for a minute, a long minute B.  I’m talking back before Mos and Talib broke up, when El-P was spitting fire at Company Flow shows. This brotha dropped off the face of the earth.  We was once two brothas of the same kind.  Quick to approach a ghetto cutie with the same line.  I remembered he had an oversized shirt never quite learned drinkin 90 proof off the roof.  I lost touch with this homie he a changed man he hit up Barneys now ill fitted looks is the game plan.

And when this cat finally resurfaced back from Japan he rolled up to the Lower the other day with this CRISPY tie.  Joint was looking real frosty in this hard New York City winter air.  This brotha is a man, a real man because he knows that appearance counts and wearing an ILL tie lets the world know you mean business.  And whats even ILLER is the price paid for this fly tie. Just $35 B.  Yeah that’s right, $35!  35 bones for an indigo dyed slubby striped Japanese fabric.

Want to know where you can cop this tie from? Yeaaahhh son.  The Knottery.  They have mad crispy ties, at mad crispy prices.  You do not have to spend high to look fly. 

But don’t tell the honies that.  Let them know you dropped half a rack on this, and it will have you looking like a BOSS.  Jay was looking like a boss.  This brotha done changed, we don’t even kick it.  I got a big money scheme, and he ain’t even with it. Knew in my heart he was the same motherfucker bad. Go toe to toe when it’s time for roll he got a brother’s back. And I can’t even trip, cause I’m just laughin at cha. He tryin hard to maintain, then go head cause I ain’t mad at cha.




New York City in 2013 is ILL

Happy New Year y’all.  I’ve been gone for a minute, but I’m still here y’all.  The rent is dam high in Manhattan and a brotha has to stay on his grizzly out here.  And that’s what I’m all about in the 2013 B.  Grizzly status son!  Like my man Common said in the 1-9-9-9 and like I’m like saying in the 20-trizzle I’M STILL GETTIN MINE!

We popping bottles this year B.  Like my brotha from another mother the World Famous DJ Cabezon does it.  King of New York status live and direct from the Lower aka L.E.S.  New York City knows how to party my ninja. We Roll up in the like BOW!  We gonna need our bottles right now! Now! We gonna make a toast to the town drinks in the air like Go Shawty, OOOWWWW!

Stay Crispy B.

Tweed winter hats are ILL

It’s going down my ninja.  Down like James Brown, and that brotha got down.  What is going down you ask?  The temperature B.  It’s getting real real chilly in New York.  Straight nipply out here.  Ice cubes are not needed.  What does that mean for a brotha that wants to stay fly when the temperature ain’t high.

You need to raise you winter fabric game up to the sky.  I’m gonna say it once son.  Fabric and Fit.  Actually I’m going to say it one more time because it’s that serious.  FABRIC AND FIT SON.  Winter time is for winter fabric.  And clothes that fit you is for ALL seasons.  You need warmth on these cold New York City streets this winter, and the right fabric can help a brotha stay warm AND crispy in the cold concrete jungle. 

Wool and Tweed are ILL winter fabrics, and my main man 50 grand and South Suicide Jamaica Queens native D-Lyfe knows all about the ILL winter fabrics. D-lyfe DJ’s all over the world rain or shine, night or day, humid or dry, this brotha shows up to cut up the ILLEST records, and when my ninja rolled through New York I caught up with this cat to post up and catch up.  This brotha rolled up to my spot rocking the CRISPY tweed driving cap. 

This cap had the ILL winter fabric and fit.  A piece that can be rocked with a wool suit or selvedge denim. It adds that winter fabric game to your cold head.  And D-lyfe needs that warmth because when my ninja is on the 1’s and 2’s he straight COLD rocks a party on some New York Get The Bloody Money steez.  When D-lyfe rocks it’s more than a party it’s a SHOW.  So cop your self some ILL winter pieces with ILL winter fabrics and step out in the winter streets ready to get the bloody money B.  Stay crispy my ninja.