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Lands’ End Canvas Men’s Swim Trunks are ILL

It’s hot in August son.  Even hotter in the city.  When it’s hot you want to stay fly, and keep cool.  The beach is fly and the water is cool too.  Is the light bulb going off in your head yet?  Yeah me too my ninja.  THE BEACH SON! The beach has ladies walking and laying around almost butt naked, the water is cool, and the sand, the sand is freaky.  Freaky enough to roll around in, with a fine honie preferably. 

And you will need some swim trunks for the beach B. because swim trunks are made for swimming.  Know what I mean jelly bean.  Land’s End Canvas has some ILL swim trunks at even ILLER prices.  I personally coped a pair of these dope Lands’ End Canvas red board shorts on some retro 1982 swag for 50% off B!  $23.99

Lands' End Canvas Men's 5" Clean Board Shorts

And if you are feeling kind of bashful and aren’t man enough to show that much leg then Lands’ End Canvas has these ILL lime colored board shorts on sale for only $19.99.  Bam son!

Lands' End Canvas Men's Vintage Board Shorts

Lands' End Canvas Men's 5" Clean Board Shorts

Now you are ready post up on the beach looking fly and staying cool.  Peace to Red Alert and Kid Capri, Oooh La La, Ah Wee Wee, You say Muhammad Ali, I say Cassius Clay, you say butter I say Parkay!