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Cotton Suits are ILL

August is hot son.  Not Beyonce before she had a kid hot.  I’m talking Mookie rubbing ice cubes on butt naked Rosie Perez hot.  Treach rapping with a big chain and pad lock around his neck hot.  Rick Ross rapping with no shirt on hot, even though Rick Ross always raps with no shirt on.  Please stop that Ricky!  Brothas AND sistas don’t want to see that.  And just because it’s hot doesn’t mean the grind stops, because the grind never stops.  Brothas still have to throw on the suit, step out into the world, and get big things poppin and little things stoppin. 

And the last thing you need is to sweat in your suit like you just ran 5’s for an hour at Rucker Park.  That’s why you should own a cotton suit my dude.  Cotton is an ILL fabric for the summer.  A more breathable and lightweight material offering greater comfort in warmer temperatures, AND if it’s good enough for the Yankees it’s dam sure good enough for you. It also has a more casual, fun look which is appropriate for the summer.  The cotton suit B. is a garment that can be dressed up or dressed down offering you good value on that purchase, AND I’m all about sharing with y’all good value.  Balling on a budget my ninja, balling on a budget. 

My main man 100 grand Jeff, from the M.I.A., is ILL with his cotton suit swag.  Dude has to stay on point with his cotton suits.  In case you didn’t know  it gets kind of hot in Miami.  Son was in NYC on business and was kind enough to let me snap a couple of pics. 

Tallia Black Cotton Suit

Tallia Black Cotton Suit

Banana Republic Suit

In Miami cats are serious with their swag. And they are also serious with their money.  Serious like a bad honie with a bag of money, go and get it and let her count it for me.  That means looking extra extra crispy without spending extra cispy money.

Everything Jeff is wearing is affordable.

Black Cotton Suit

Suit- Tallia Orange at Macy’s

Shirt - H&M

Pocket Square - Lands’ End Canvas

Shoes - G.H. Bass & Co.

Tan Cotton Suit

Suit- Banana Republic

Shirt - Rugby Ralph Lauren

Tie - J.Crew

Pocket Square - Club Monaco

Now you are ready to lay the August fashion murder game down B.  A cotton suit and a bag of money to help you scoop up a fine honie.