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The USA Men’s Olympic Basketball Team posing like the Rock Steady Crew is ILL

Rock Steady Crew

 Evidence of just how ILL and all influencing Hip Hop culture is on a brotha’s perception of dopeness.

Nike Summer Basketball on Rivington St in the L.E.S, Manhattan NY is ILL

Nike + Rivington Court

Individuality is ILL

B. , do yourself a favor that will ensure you and your crew will always look crispy, like leaders of the pack, and book fine honey’s.  When you and your team are stepping out to poly and build don’t all of y’all wear the same accessories, or outfits. 

I shouldn’t have to explain this, but dam, peep the picture above.  And those dudes pay people to dress them.  You would think it would be common sense that when out in public or even in private dressing like your boy makes y’all look like a couple.   And not the type of couple women will notice and   think “dam they are fine”, but more likely think “dam they make a cute couple”.  You don’t want women thinking you and your boy make a cute couple homie. 

So do yourself a favor and make sure when you are chillin with your team y’all aren’t dressed the same because individuality is ILL.  Be a leader, not a follower.  Individual men lead, and then watch as the fine ladies follow.  Swag.