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Updating your closet with fall and winter clothes is ILL

Today is the last day son.  Are you thinking “the last day of what?”  Well I’m gonna tell you.  It’s officially the last day of summer, and I hope it was a trill summer for you too B. because like my man Heavy D (R.I.P.) says "I got nuttin by love for you baby" PAUSE.

In New York City the temperature has already begun to drop.  Getting real nipply out here.  That means it’s time.  Time to let your fall and winter clothes out of the closet.  They have been trapped in the closet on some R. Kelly swag ALL summer long.  Trapped in that closet and they want OUT.  They probably didn’t plan to stay in there that long but you would look real funny rocking a wool sweater in August. Yeah I’m sure you had your fun with your winter wardorbe this summer though.  Pulling items out of the closet late at night and peeping what outfits you are going to rock while your Summer clothes were at work bringing home that guap so you can eat.  But enough is enough!  Your Fall and Winter clothes can no longer take the denial, they will no longer play secret second fiddle to your summer clothes.  They want you to wear them and only them.  The sweaters want to go the park with you.  The cardigans and wool ties want to sit down with you and your girl at dinner.  The houndstooth jacket wants to drink with you at the bar, and the scarves want to comfort you on those long cold walks home. 

I know what you’re thinking my dude.  You are thinking “dam I love my summer clothes. I’ve had so many great times, and so many wonderful memories with them.  The promotion at work, the weeknight outdoor movies in the park, the smeared lipstick on my Vneck T-shirt from when baby was kissing me on the street.  The ILL camo shorts I rocked at the music festivals.  The tank tops I wore day drinking at the beer garden with my crew.”  I’m right there with you my ninja.  It was an ILL summer.  But seasons change B. and love fades.  For the past month you’ve been secretly wanting this day to come and you might as well be the one to make this change before the wardrobes find out about each other, and you don’t want that drama.     A refined urban gentleman saves the drama for his mama.  He handles his B.I. like a man.  So do yourself a favor my ninja and spend some time this weekend pulling your fall and winter clothes out from deep in your closet and respectably and neatly store your spring and summer gear for next year.  Do it son!  Do it before your Fall and Winter clothes jump out of the closet with a 9mm Beretta itching to get the hell out.  Open your closet and embrace the change.  Stay crispy my ninja.

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