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Ralph Lauren Big Pony Red #2 is ILL

In case you haven’t figured it out yet my dude grown men that want to maintain a high level of swag wear cologne.  Cologne makes you smell lovely B..  Fine honies like men that smell lovely.  And if you’re a man that fine honies like you will date them.  Dating fine honies is a good look for you B. 

There are a bunch of colognes out there to choose from son.  So many choices it will make a brothas head spin, and you don’t want your head to spin.  Fine honies don’t like men whose heads spin.  And you don’t want fine honies to not like you.  When fine honies don’t like you they won’t date you.  Fine honies not dating you is NOT a good look B.

Never fret G because I got your back!  I want all the brothas on their grown man B.I. to have all the tools they need to succeed with the fine honies.  One thing you need to succeed is the Big Pony Red #2 cologne.   This scent is BADOODLES!  This scent was made to help brothas book fine honies.  Dark chocolate and musk for a spicy seductive scent, woooo son!  If that doesn’t say “seduction of women” I don’t know what does. 

I personally always keep a bottle of this cologne on hand at all times son, and I have had many a fine honie tell me “dam you smell good”.  This is your night time cologne.  Your date night colgne.  Your evening scent.  Four sprays B.  A spray on the front of your neck, a spray on the back of your neck, a short spray on your right forearm, and a short spray on your left forearm and you’re good!

Ralph Lauren always brings the ILLNESS and they brought it with this fragrance. A scent like this will have a fine lady in your place sewing you a sweater in her bra and panties on some Project Mayhem Lo Sweatas steez.  And if you consider yourself a good friend and a wing man you’ll put your fam on to this scent too!  And then your whole squad will be the bomb, come on playa you know better.  Go getters in Big Pony No 2 smelling Lo Sweatas!

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