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Looking like a trillionaire but spending a small amount of money without a care is ILL

Son I was rolling down 5th Ave in Manhattan because I’m trill like that, and when I walked by the window display at Bergdorf Goodman I thought “daaaammm that outfit is fly”.  The ILL white pants are a dope look for the summer time.  The brown blazer with the subtle plaid, and the button down chambray is going ham.  This is one of those date-night summer outfits that will increase your chances of getting the “Ciara swag goodies" out of the jar at the end of the night.

Bergdorf Goodman Window Display

And for those who may not know Bergdorf Goodman is a SERIOUS department store.  I’m talking  about people send their butlers to shop there for them, and the salesmen has a PHD from Columbia.  The clothes are so “luxurious” I don’t even know who half the designers are.  I knew without a doubt that outfit was probably two months of my “the rent is dam high” Manhattan apartment rent.

So what can a brotha do to keep his fly and his bank account on high?  Shop smart my ninja, shop smart.  Lower priced and afforadble clothing lines offer high-end designer style without high-end designer prices. 

I quickly realized why I was diggin that outfit so hard.  I already owned the pieces to put together that fly outfit.  Peep my swag

Jacket & Chambray shirt - H&M

Denim Pocket Square - Club Monaco

White Pants - Zara

Loafers - G.H. Bass & Co

And when I’m rocking this ensemble I will be rolling down the street with a hard gangsta leanBergdorf Goodman SWAG with the affordable price tag.