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H&M Dress Shirts are ILL

If you’re the type of brotha that has turned in his timbs, nike boots, and/or foamposities for some dope lace-ups, whether cap-toe, or wing-tips then you probably need to rock some button up collared shirts too. 

And if you care at all about your appearance which hopefully you do for among many reasons, but most importantly to let the honies know you have it on and popping, then you should know my ninja that SLIM IS IN!  Yes B. I said it and I’ll say it again “SLIM IS IN”.  Slim shirts, slim jackets, slim pants, slim ties, AND SLIM ladies!  If you are going to put in the time and effort the stay fit, AND get that paper then you should expect the same from your lady!

The days of over sized shirts, pants, and fitted hats are gone my ninja.  Barack brought change to America and Kanye West brought change to fashion.  Kanye is my fashion Barack Obama, that brotha made it okay to wear clothes that fit you without being a soft-ass dude.  In other words "Yeezy taught me!"

Unlike Yeezy though I can’t take a tax deduction from a clothing purchase and I’m not seeing 50 racks a show and I’m betting neither are y’all.  If you are getting gwap like that stop reading now, and just head to Barneys and Neiman Marcus for some crispy slim fit dress shirts.  For the rest of us you might be thinking right now how you can cop some ILL slim fit dress shirts, and still have money in your pockets for all your hoes in different area codes.   I got one word for you B.  H&M son!  H&M.

H&M has the crispiest of the crispy, the dopest of the dope, the ILLEST of the ill slim fit dress shirts in different colors, cuffs, and collars. And H&M dress shirts have that modern GQ swag that a mature successful brotha should be rocking with.  And the best part about the dress shirts B. is the price.  Each shirt is only $40 SONNN! BAAAM MY NINJA!

H&M is all over the country so there is no “oh but I can only cop those shirts in New York”  Nah son!  I don’t want to hear any of that.  H&M is in most major cities.  But if you come to or live in New York City the H&M at Rockefeller Center has the ILLEST selection of men’s dress clothes.  The pics above were all taken at the H&M at Rockefeller Center in Manhattan

Now if you are over weight and/or got a gut these shirts aren’t for you.  These are for the brothas that care about their physical fitness.  And if you got your fitness swag on then just roll up and cop a bunch of the shirts in different styles and colors.  I personally stay laced up in the white H&M dress shirts.  A white slim fit dress shirt is a staple and works with many suit and tie combos.

So now you have the fly shirts to match the rest of your grown-man swag.  And when cats ask you who told you about these ill pieces give credit where credit is due and tell them “YoThatsILL.com taught me.”

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