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Tank Tops Are ILL

We are all up in the middle of Spring  but I know you remember how warm it was this past winter B.  So you know what means right?  Warm winter means a butt-stanky hot Summer.  Brothas are going to be sweating like in the middle of an August afternoon on the Vegas strip when even the dam wind gives you a sun burn.  And the designers know this my ninja so if you are thinking “dam, what are those little sweetie clothing designers going to do about it?”  I’ll tell you what they have already done B.  They have already designed and started selling  ILL tank tops. 

I’m not talking about some 50 Cent “In da club, go shorty it’s ya birthday” wife-beater tank top that you wear with a do-rag and a fitted son.  This is 2012, not 2002 homie! Grown man status my ninja, grown man status.  The tank tops I’m talking about are not sold in the Macy’s Underwear Section they are sold individually on hangers in stores.  These are your weekend day-time pieces.  I say “pieces” because they can be part of the layering to your “outfit”.  And yes a confident man MAY wear an outfit.  Little boys put on clothes B..  I’m digging the tank top look underneath a chambray shirt, or denim jacket paired with some crispy cotton shorts. That’s an ILL summer “OUTFIT” right there SON! 

And when you start dripping like Mookie delivering a pizza in Bed-Stuy you take the chambray shirt off and cool off in your crispy tank top my ninja!  And since you are going to be walking around in this tank top make sure two things are poppin off B.

First, your physical condition allows you to wear a tank top, peep the pic of Kanye rocking the tank.  Yeah I said it!  Fat dudes got no business wearing tank tops.  No one wants to see your big ass stretch marks and rolls stretching the shirt out.  If you are fat and you want to sport a tank top or be shirt-less this summer then you better stop reading this and look up weightwatchers.com homie.  Secondly your tank top needs to look ILL homie.  Remember you should be copping tanks tops that are sold on hangers at the store.  No wife-beaters, GROWN MAN SWAG.

What’s ILL about tank tops is that it’s one of those low cost pieces that even high cost designers offer for an affordable price.

Personally I’m digging this Saturdays Surf NYC tank top I spotted at Bloomingdale’s in Soho, this 10Deep tank top, and these Supreme Tank Tops.  Peep the pictures above, and notice the details on both.  Details B. Details.  Honies love a man that pays attention to the details.  These pieces are in the $35-$48 price range. 

I rolled through Top Man in Soho and they had some dope tanks too.  And if you want a tank top even less expensive then Urban Outfitters has mad tank tops at lower prices.  So cop yourself a couple of tank tops and when the temperature is crazy hot  and people are dripping like Ragu sauce you will have your ILL tank top on and be dripping SWAGOO sauce!

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