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The J.Crew & Timex collabo is ILL, BUT the Timex Weekender is ILLER!

I’m going to keep it 100 with you B.  Men wear watches, boys don’t.  Men use a watch to check the time.  Boys wriggle the iPhone out of their spandex, male camel-toe skinny jeans.  I sincerely hope you are a man, and not a boy.  At least be a man so you can book fine ladies because ladies (at least the fine ones) want men.  Not boys homie. 

Now that we have got that clarified you should, as a grown man, own more than one watch.  You should at least own a few.  A watch is a man’s jewelry.  It’s a key accessory that lets the world know how you roll. 

On the weekend my G fly dudes roll with the “I’m too cool for school” STEEZ.  You’re off the clock, and you just don’t give a dam.  But as I said before I’m going to keep it 100 with you because in reality you should give a dam, you just don’t want to look like you do.  Effortless casual STEEZ (We use the word steez on 4/20 instead of swag in memory of GURU, RIP GURIZZY!)

So how do you create that effortless casual STEEZ in your watch collection?  You read the science I’m dropping on you in this blog B, that’s how.

If you haven’t discovered by now J.Crew is an ILL brand, with an ILL menswear collection.  Great style, and great fits at reasonable prices compared to dope high-end designers such as Rag & Bone, and Shipley & Halmos. Their collabo’s with Timex, the Vinatge Field Army watch, and Military Watch are dope.  They are great weekend watches that can be worn with a suit or a button-up and shorts.  What is most ILL about these watches is their replaceable nylon watch bands which can be purchased separately in various colors to add some STEEZ to your outfit.  How much are these watches? $150 and $20 for each additional watch band which is not a crazy amount, BUT it is expensive for the Timex brand. 

Now hold up B! Before you head over to your local J.Crew I have the inside scoop for you on an even ILLER alternative.  ILLER for your wallet that is! Timex has recently released their Weekender line which needless to say is virtually the same as the J.Crew & Timex collabo.  What’s the price on the Weekender watch you ask? Well Timex.com sells the watch for $45 before shipping, but Amazon.com is selling the watch for $32 with free shipping, BAAAM SON!  AND Amazon.com sells the straps in different colorways for $11.95, BOOYAH!  You cop this watch and a couple of dope band colors and you got your weekend “too cool for school” casual STEEZ on lock!

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